HTG -410 heat-treatment sleeving Class C(Hits:26) 
HTG -410 heat-treatment sleeving  Class C-HTG -410
  • HTG -410 heat-treatment sleeving  Class C-HTG -410

HTG -410 Heat-treatment Sleeving

Description: Insulation Material HTG-410 heat-treatment sleeving is made of non-alkali fiberglass coated with silicon alkali adhesive under high temperature. It is a braided fiberglass sleevings treated at a high temperature to mould, dye color then impregnated with silicon. It is widely used as mechanical protection for hose or cables in the electrical motor and wiring harness of Car market. It possesses the characteristics of high temperature resistance, flame retardant. These sleevings can be used as an excellent insulating material and mechanical protection for the wiring of electrical machinery, motors and domestic electric appliances etc. And with high resistance to thermal shock and UV approval: meets flame test UL/VW1



Heat resistance: No cracking, bending after heat treatment at -60°C to +300°C.

Breakdown voltage: 800-1200 Volt.

Color: Black (standard), Grey, brown, red, white, blue. 

Item No.:HTG -410

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