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Sleeving With Polyurethane-2741.0
  • Sleeving With Polyurethane-2741.0

2741 Sleeving with Polyurethane

Description: Glass textile sleeving with polyurethane based coating is manufactured with non-alkali fiberglass braided sleeving. It is a fiberglass sleeving coated with a Polyurethane resin. After a heat treatment the resin changes its mechanical and thermal characteristics: the result of this treatment is a final product that belongs to F class (155). It possesses reliable heat resistance, good qualities of dielectric, excellent softness and elasticity. It can be used for wiring insulation and mechanic protection for F grade electrical machinery electric appliances.



•Heat resistance: No cracking, bending after heat treatment after several hours at 160.

•Chemicals: Good resistance to benzene and oils.

•Breakdown voltage: 4000Volt

•Colour: amber or other colours.

Length: 1000+20-10 mm (continuous length may be negotiated)


Item No.:2741.0

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