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NMN 40um Flexible Laminates-NMN 40um
  • NMN 40um Flexible Laminates-NMN 40um

6640 NMN 40um Flexible Laminates

Polyester film with DuPont Nomex® 

In accordance with GB/T5591.3.1-2008 and IEC626-2

Description: The NMN Flexible Laminate is a three-layer flexible composite material, consisting of polyester film ( 6020 transparent polyester film or 6021 milky polyester film)(Mylar) covered on both sides with hot rolling DuPont( a kind of High quality environmental non-woven fabric) Nomex® (N). NMN for short. The structure is Nomex+(resin)+Mylar+(resin)+Nomex.

Advantages: It has excellent electrical, mechanical, and superior heat-resistant properties. It also has excellent tensile strength, high edge tear resistance and good voltage characteristic. It was designed for automatic insertion machine.

Applications: The NMN composite material is suitable for slot liner, slot closure, phase and turn-to-turn insulation in F-class electrical motors. It can be used as interlayer insulation in transformers and other electrical appliances.

Test and stock:

1. standard:GB/T5591.31-2008 and IEC626-2

2.Storange:≦40℃,dry,clean in warehouse.Avoid fire ,heat and sunlight.

3.Storage life:12 months.still effctive if qualified in retest after 12 months.


Thermal class:  F(155)

Thickness:  0.13-0.34mm

Standard width: 1000mm  (or according to customers’ requirements)

Color: orange, green, blue , and according to customers’ requirements

Form:  roll, sheet, and strip  

Adhesive property: 180±2, 10 minutes no delamination, blister, or adhesive flow.

Superiority: Reasonable price, high quality, prompt delivery, and excellent service.

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Item No.:NMN 40um

 NMN ia a triplex laminates with polyester film covered on both sides with Nomex paper.


 It is a Class F (155℃insulation material .


 The width of NMN we can make from 6mm to 905mm,thickness from 0.13mm-0.50mm.


 NMN is used as insulation for transforming layers  and electric motors (between transforming layers (slot insulations , phase insulations, interlayer insulations)


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