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Crepe Paper Tube

Description: Electrical insulating crepe paper tube is made of 100% superior sulfate insulating wood pulp, Electrical Grade Insulation Crepe Kraft Paper, or electrical crinkled insulating paper. Direction of creping is transverse. It is one of the most important solid insulation materials used in transformers; its quality directly influences the life span of the transformer. Crepe paper tubing can also be supplied in slitted form as per desired width of the customer. Only the edge of outer layer is glued.

Advantages: These tubes have extremely good compatibility with liquid Di-electrics. The tube retains maximum oil due to use of Crepe Paper. These tubes can bend under extreme conditions without collapsing. It has excellent electrical, mechanical, and impregnating properties.

Application: Crepe paper tube is used for wire, transformer insulation, and mainly used as insulating package of leads inside oil.


Thermal class: A (105)

Standard width: 1000mm or 1800mm (or according to customers’ requirements)

Color: brown

Package: roll/carton

Superiority: Reasonable prices, high quality, prompt delivery, and excellent service.


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